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So what is your middle name?

Don Wood

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Mine is Scott

I am adopted From Germany and My birth Name was Sacher Meissner.

Debs were Alice Lano She had 2 middle names

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I have one of those dreaded double names which are very popular in the south.... Ann Dean

My favorite aunt's middle name was Ann and my mom's middle name was Dean. After I went away to college, I dropped the Dean and was plain old Ann.

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Hee! Hee! My real name is Margaret Jayne.

I know, I know. How do they get Peggy out of Margaret? I don't have a clue, but I've been asked that all my life. Common nicknames for Margaret are Peggy, Margie, Maggie, etc. Where did "Peggy" come from? Who knows? One of you researchers can look that up sometime and give me an answer. I would love to be able to say something besides I don't have a clue.



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