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Prayers needed


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The past week has been one heck of a rollercoaster with my dad with numerous trips to the doctor with weakness, shortness of breath, etc. Today they told us they feel that the cancer may also be in his brain because of the tremors, spasms and extreme confusion. We go back to the center in the morning for CT scans of the brain. I don't want to see my dad like this anymore. He's to the point now that he can't walk into the center, and we're having to get him a wheelchair. I've never seen him this sick, and I don't want him to continue to suffer like this.

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I am so sorry about your dad, I know exactly how you feel, I saw my dad go downhill quickly too, I hated seeing him that way, but please have some faith that the drs. will make him as comfortable as possible.

I am also the mom of 2 beautiful girls like yours! and you need to be strong for them, you can, I had to be. It can be a very difficult time for the girls especially if they are very close with their grandfather. My daughters were, but when he passed, they missed him but they knew that he was very sick and not in pain anymore.

But for right now, I am sending out my prayers for your dad and family.


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Oh Jendew I am so, so sorry for your stress, fear, and situation. This is so, so hard. I pray that God blesses you with strength, encouragement, and positive results for the latest development.

Stay strong! Keep us informed. I was told once by someone that mets are almost expected, and that really those tumors are small...so easier to get! I dont' know if it is true or not, but for now it gives me peace.

God bless!


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This is very hard to go through, but I am sure it's very hard for him to go through this as well. :cry: I'm sure he hates to see his family so worried and I'm sure he feels bad that he can't do anyting to change this or fix this. That's pretty much in a mans DNA!

I know how hard it is on the family members, because I went through that with my dad, mom, and sister as well.

Try and stay strong not only for him, but for yourself as well.

I'm sure he hates seeing what this is doing to his loving family members. :cry:

I'll keep you ALL in my prayers.

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It just sucks. I know. My mom quickly went to a wheelchair....and she had just run a half-marathon months before. I am praying for your family tonight...for peace and strength. I am so very sorry you have to see your dad like this. Love him and realize that you will make it through all of this.

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Thanks, everyone. We can feel all of the prayers that are coming in. My dad was saying that today in one of his "lucid" moments. His scan was clear for mets to the brain which is WONDERFUL news. However, he is still having more frequent bouts of confusion. I told him today that since it's not cancer causing the confusion I now have permission to laugh at him. :lol: He got a kick out of that. He was so weak that they wouldn't even do the breathing test this afternoon. His pulmonologist told him they could do that when he gets to feeling better. His exchanges still sound really good in his lungs. I think I have laughed more today than I have in months. It feels so good that we are still able to do that in the midst of such a trying time. He's a lot weaker this week than last, and reality tells me that he won't get much stronger than he is now. I think even the doctors have come to that realization. Monday is his next appt. with the oncologist. We'll just wait and see what they say then. We're not giving up hope by any means, but we are trying to enjoy each and every day we have with him while we organize everything dealing with this disease in our minds and hearts.

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