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Back from hospital - still sick but NO CANCER


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They did the medianstinoscopy (sp?) and bronchoscopy - surgeon woke me up while still on the table - NO CANCER. He doesn't know why it lit up on pet scan but


He decided not to go into the node in my neck - not sure why - but he was very confident about it all.


I got home late last night - barfed most of the night and morning - had a headache like a 3 day drunk - but almost back to human now and have kept down toast, egg, and most recently a whole slice of pizza.

NO CANCER. I can breathe for a while again. :)


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You had a long wait to find out everything is okay...how great those words must have sounded!

So glad to hear that all is well for you .... now as soon as you're feeling better you need to do something special for yourself...you have been through the ringer this summer!


47 years old

stage 1a-nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003, Mid & upper lung removed

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Hi All......

I have a question. I hope someone can help me with an answer. Can a doctor tell if you have cancer by a blood test, or does it have to be a scan, biopsy or ???? My onc said in April, I guess the cea (not sure if this is what it is called, how do tumor markers work? Please, educate me) was 13, dropped to 12, in June was 6, now says 1.8. The onc doesn't really explain anything, only says you are doing great, don't worry about it. I have not had a CT since June 10th, will have another in Oct. (Started chemo 7-23 again, only 3 wk cycles this time) Is this normal for scans to be so far apart? Also had pet on June 28th, (demanded Pet) onc said I did not need. How do they determine what you need? Also, I have never had a scan of the brain, is this common? Onc said after 4 cycles of Taxol/carbo she is going to start me on Taxotere. If Taxol is working why rock the boat and change....... Have had 38 treatments of radiation and 8 weekly treatments of taxol/carbo, tumor shrunk 60-65%. The onc doesn't seem to want to do tests. (((((((PUZZLED))))))) What is right???????

Everyone on here is so helpful and I trust what people have to say on here. Praying for all of you and the "CURE" for all of us......

Thank you so much. Please reply........

God Bless



Dx'd 3-03 nsc 3a Radiation and chemo taxol/carbo

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