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Update on my mom


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I wanted to give a quick update, especially for the "newbies" b/c hopefully this will encourage somes as I remember other survival stories helping me when I joined.

We saw the oncologist on Fri and he said my mom is looking better than he has ever seen her look. Of course he asked how the shopping is going b/c that is how we also gague her progress ;) She is finally able to walk the full mall most of the time, I don't carry her purse(West Coast)/pocketbook (East Coast) as often :lol: (What does the middle of the country call it????) She does get tired and weak etc, but overall is doing better with her new normal.

On her next visit in October she gets a full set of scans. The scans are getting more spread apart these days which worries me of course, but I have 100% full faith in her oncologist, he is my hero :) He did comment on how she really beat the odds so far, not just with the lung cancer, but the heart and brain issues.

That's about it. As for me briefly--going to do another round of in-vitro soon; also looking into hiring a surrogate to carry our embryo; and I go back for a ct-scan in January to follow a fat mass on colon, how exciting :?

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I'm so excited to hear that your mom has good news and here in Chicago, most people say purse, although I do hear pocketbook once in a while!

Wishing you luck on the baby front also!

Take care,


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Thanks for the update! You are right...the newbies (I think I am still one????) thrive on these stories! Greatest luck on the baby making...you so, so deserve for this all to work out.

BTW, we in the middle also call it a purse. However, when you are like I am, I pretty much just take a bag with me...my favorite being a good 'ol backpack, freeing up my hands for the munchkins!!!

God bless,


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