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Our Rollercoaster is Climbing Again


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So is this how it is? Every time we find peace, dad starts feeling better, and then he is hit with something else? Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil::evil:

Last night dad had back pain. He has started doing some walking so we thought that was probably what it was. Well, this morning he woke up with some major gut pain...he thought it was probably gallbladder, as he had probs with that years ago, and they just "waited" knowing that it would come back to haunt him at some point.

Well, turns out it is gallbladder, and they don't know yet if it is so dire he needs surgery immediately, or if he can wait. Again, back at the small town docs :?

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Scary, very scary. It never ends, does it?

He has really been through #&@! lately. I sure hope the gallbladder issues don't require surgery. My best friend had her gallbladder removed two years ago, and it was so bad they couldn't do it laparoscopically. The recovery time is so much less that way. She was down for 7 weeks, and her neighbor who had it done laparoscopically was down for six days.

But...I am really glad to hear he is feeling well enough to do some walking! Saying prayers that he is feeling better overall very soon.

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It definitely has been a rollercoaster for your dad :? I agree w/ Don tell your dad to stay away from those spicy, greasy foods. What I do know about gallbladder surgery is that it has become an easier surgery to do then it was some years back. But of course I understand that when you have a serious illness whatever dr/specialist your dad sees they will always refer back to the cancer and to see any risks to do any procedures. But I am sure that your dads' gallbladder problem will be taken care of in the right way. Just hang in there...this is only one of those bumps in the road.


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