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Getting to Know You - July 13


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Thanks to Becky Snowflake for this GTKY question for today. It's a really good one.

What does "courage" mean to you? Who was/is/are the most courageous person/people you have ever known?

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Courage, wow, what a strong word. I guess I think having courage means to face life, the good and the bad, with dignity, and to not run from or deny the tough stuff. It does not mean that you are not afraid.

Of course, my dear Earl. He faced every aspect of his life with courage. I hope his example helps me face my life with courage.

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To me, courage is the ability to face your fears and head down the unknown road to pursue and accomplish your dreams. It's where you don't know how you're gonna' get the job done and all your mind wants to see is barriers and all the ways something can't happen, but you go for it anyway with the determination to let nothing stop you from having whatever it is you desire ('cause generally everyone else says it can't be done too).

Examples of courageous folks would be everyone on this board!


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Courage means facing life headon. It also means learning to adjust to the changes we have no control over.

I have to say that there are two people in my life who stand out as being very couragous. My mother first of all. When she realized that my dad was never going to be the one to earn a living(he was an alcoholic)she became the one to work and hold our family together. When it looked like everything was against her she just keep going. She raised 5 kids vertually alone. She never blamed anyone for the things that went wrong in her life. She just did what she could to make up for them.

She had the courage to face the ups and downs alone and to teach her family not only good work ethics but good life ethics. She was a very powerful and couragous person. Burying 4 of her 6 children and then having LC just became more than she could face any more. I will always believe she died of a broken heart.

Then of coarse there was my Johnny. Life threw everything it could at him. From 2 unfaithful wives to a wife who was mentally cruel to him. He also faced the murder of his sister and several habits of his own that he overcame. At one time he was homeless and alone but he never gave up. He was determined to live and he did live despite all of the hardships he had to face. Even LC didn't beat him. He was still determined to fight. He just couldn't fight those who thought he should give up and die. He couldn't fight the drugs they gave him but he never lost the will to fight!!

Courage wow! what thoughts that word can bring to a person.

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"Courage", to me, is standing up for what you believe in, even if it's not the popular opinion and easy. "Courage" is someone who keeps going, even in the face of overwhelming odds. "Courage" is someone whose heart has been shattered to a million pieces, yet they venture out to love again. "Courage" is something everyone has but not everyone uses. "Courage" is a small voice that pushes us to take one more step and finish the race, even if we are dead last. "Courage" is reaching out to someone just starting a terrifying journey and letting them know that no matter what, it WILL be okay - and giving them peace of mind. "Courage" is sharing with people the fears you have so they don't feel so small and overwhelmed. "Courage" is sharing your strength.

I have known many courageous people in my life, many I've met in the last few years. If I could hand out a Medal of Valor to all of them....

Many, many every day heroes. Real people living real lives and inspiring others along the way. The gentle voice saying "something isn't right, get more answers, ask more questions"...people sharing strength while going through a horrible experience themselves.

Keep it going, you never know when one idea you use will inspire someone to keep going... I attempted something a while back with having people post five daily blessings - it started to fizzle and then MelanieLR began posting. She sent me a PM thanking me and said that she got up every morning just so she had something to add to her list. Something so simple ending up meaning so much to her. Share yourself, you never know who you'll inspire.



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Everyone has defined courage so well.

Of course, Charlie is the most courageous person I've ever known. He pressed on and kept living even when told of his potential for sudden death. I can't imagine having that much courage to keep on keeping on like he did going to church the day before he died and helping me cook that morning.

I hope to have half that much courage some day. What an inspiration!

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Courage is what life is all about.

Many people in my life faced courage. My father and uncles went of to fight in WWII from the Sands of Iowa Jima to the Battle of the Bulge. My FIL Fought in WWI and WWII. There have been many others far to many to mention.

But the one who stands out for me is my mother. She was 37 when her husband, my father died. She was left with 3 (me-9, sister-12, brother-15)kids. The same year we had to move into a project in Boston. She had to go out and get a job when there was not many woman in the work force. She did it on her own, never asked for any help, never re-married. She did it with class, with dignity and never took the easy road. I never heard her complain, never saw her feel sorry for herself or ever heard her say why me. She was a straight shooter and you knew exactly where you stood with her. What I'm going through with my lung cancer is nothing compared to what my mother had to go through and all the sacrifices she had to make and endure to raise 3 kids on her own. We never lacked the basics of life and we had it pretty easy growing up thanks to my mother.

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