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Still missing my mom.


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Today is 11 years since I lost my dear sweet wonderful mom to this horrible beast known as lung cancer. I was 23 and had a 2 yr old daughter. My daughter has missed out on so much and I still feel so cheated.I am 34 now and asI am approaching her age (which will always be 41 to me) it feels so strange. I have always struggled with trying to see myself live to be older than my own mother and I just can't picture it. I would love to hear if anyone else has ever struggled with this as I feel like I can't even plan for a future. I still miss her sooo much my heart just hurts.

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I am so sorry. It is amazing how time goes, and then we do look back and wonder, "What the heck?!"

You were cheated, beyond what anyone can understand. I hope God grants you peace through this time, and that you are given answers that you so desparatly need.

God bless,


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I do the same thing Lisa. When I save for my retirement, I think I'll never see it. When I try to figure out my age when my kids hit milestones like graduation, marriage, I wonder if I'll still be here. Part of it is knowing the strong LC trait in my family and that other part is living the life I have. I've partied, smoked, drank my fair share.

I guess I just try to make every day count bc you never know what the next day has in store...

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