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Whoo Hoo! Hot Dang!

Don Wood

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Cindi, open the bar! I'm buyin'!

We went to the onc today to get the results of last week's PET scan after 3 chemo cycles of avastin/carboplatin/taxol.

Significant reduction in all tumors, including the big one on Lucie's liver. Some tumors have disappeared completely. Onc says, "Great news!". We say "Halleluiah!"

Lucie is presently in the 4th cycle of six. Onc is going to extend the between period from 3 weeks up to 4 weeks, so Lucie can have more "good time" in between. We are so ecstatic! Thanks, guys and gals, for all your prayers, thoughts, love and support. Have one on me! Don

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I was hoping to see a post like this from you, Don, and I'm smilin' from ear to ear knowing how good you two must be feeling.

I sure hope Cindi gets to the pub soon......looks like we have a GREAT reason to celebrate!!! :D

Warm Hugs,


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GREAT NEWS, Don!!!! Wish we were heading to TX for ANOTHER celebration. Give Lucie some gentle pats on the back from Fred and me, will ya! I will drink ANYTHING to celebrate! Whatever Cidi is serving up is good enough for me! Hope you can feel my happiness for you guys through cyberspace!



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