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My poor husband...........


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....has to "work" this weekend.

I know that when you've read this you will all feel as sympathic towards him as I do.

At this moment he is starting day 3 of a fishing trip to a resort just outside Ottawa, the poor devil is "working" this weekend from a fishing boat in Canada!!!

The group of men he's with includes a chef who brings all the food, you can imagine how well they eat in what he assures me are VERY primitive conditions.

He goes every year on this "working" trip plus another one to Idaho and yet another to Mexico..........feeling sorry for him yet? When I mentioned how fortunate he is to have all these mini vacations he assured me that they are actually work!!!

He did have a smile on his face at the time.......could anyone say that with a straight face.......and to be honest it is work related I suppose, but I can imagine how much work is discussed.

So here I am enjoying a rest, I'm eating what I want when I want and if I don't feel like getting dressed today I won't.

Have a good weekend everyone, I shall.......the remote is mine!!!!!!


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