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I just wanted to express my deepest sympathies at the loss of your dear father, Jessee. You have been an incredible daughter, and your love, support, and faith in your father during this trying journey have been beyond compare.

Know that the Lord is welcoming your father with open arms right now, saying, "You've lived and loved well. You've fought the good fight. Well done, my good and faithful servant."

He will have no more pain, and will know peace. I pray for the same for you and your family.


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Katie, Rick and family,

My sorrow at your loss is great. Jessie has been an inspiration to us all with his determination and abilty to fight the good fight. I would have liked to have met the man.

Still, I am glad he is at peace, and that you too, will be at peace and rest with all of this in time.

Do what you need to do for now, and do what you WANT to do soon.

Best to you,

Gina D.

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I am so very sorry. I wish there was more I could say or do. Even in your grief you look at things in a way that brings comfort to us all - your right Jessee did, indeed, beat this in the end. What a wonderful daughter you are, what a comforting presence to everyone here.

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Katie and family....I think others have said the same, but I don't think anyone can read your posts without tears - we all grieve for you on the loss of a father you love so much!

I remember when I lost someone in my family to cancer, years ago, I sobbed uncontrollably - hanging on the fence gate outside the house where they had just died. We were waiting for the funeral parlor to pick the body up - and it was a pain I will never forget.

For the first few months I was depressed and cried easily - it's normal. Family and Friends will help you through this, and faith in God that you will see your father again someday!

Your mom needs you and your son & husband too - your Dad is still with you! I always believe that - in our hearts and thoughts - You can speak to him and hold him dearly forever.

I wish you all peace and the strength to get through these most difficult days.

Take Care, Hope

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Oh Katie, my heart just breaks for you.


Last night, my darling, as you slept,

I thought I heard you sigh,

And to your little crib I crept,

And wathced a space thereby;

Then bending down I kissed your brow.

For Oh! I love you so.

You are too young to know it now,

But some time you shall.

Some time, when in a darkened place

Where others some to weep,

Your eyes shall see a weary face,

Calm in eternal sleep;

The speechless lips, the wrinkled brow,

The patient smile may show.

You are too young ot know it now,

But some time you shall know.

Look backward then, into the years

And see me here tonight,

See O my darling how my tears

Are falling as I write;

And feel once more upon your brow,

The kiss of long ago,

You are too young to know it now,

But some time you shall know.

(sorry I don't know the author)

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