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Another Smart Blonde


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An attorney was in a bar, laughing about how 'dumb' blones are. His blonde waitress was offended by the comments.

The lawyer laughed, looked around at his friends and said, "Honey if you can ask me a question I can't answer, I will give you $500. But if I ask you a question you can't answer, you only owe me $5."

The blonde waitress scrunched up her face, thought awhile, and asked, "What goes up a mountain on one leg, and comes down a mountain on 3 legs?"

The lawyer struggled with this one. He thought and thought until his veins popped out. When she went to another table briefly, he pulled out his lap top to search for answers. His friends were no help.

When the waitress returned, he admitted he did not know the answer, and handed her $500. Since it was his turn to ask a question, he said, "What goes up a mountain on one leg, and comes down on 3 legs?"

"I don't know, " the blonde answered quickly, and handed him $5.

Not a bad profit, but a pricey lesson for the lawyer!

:) Kelly

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