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Radiation Questions


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Hey Guys,

Haven't been on much as things have just been a whirlwind these last few months. Mom is not doing well I'm afraid :( and I have been mad at the world one minute, then hopeful I can find something else for her the next.

Right now they are giving her five days of radiation to her lung for paliation purposes only. They say there is nothing more they will do and to start preparing. :x:cry:

My question is what good will five days rad do for her and if they wouldn't give it to her before, why would they now? I am also wondering what kind of side effects will she have and will this help her at all?

Thanks in advance to everyone,


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I am so sorry about your mom. I hate this type of cancer it moves so quickly. I don't have any experience w/ radiation to the lung, even though my husbands' radiologist is so wanting him to try.

I would say at the point she is at now if it will give her some relief it is worth doing. You should be asking if you haven't if where they will be radiating will it be near any major arteries. As you know it's going to radiate not only to her lung but everything else around it as well.

I know that my husbands' radiologist said that he is to do this, it would be at very low doseage, about 25% of what the usual amount of radiation dosage.

As you know sc responds well to treatment, so even if it helps a bit, that would be a good thing for your mom.

In terms of side effects, I guess it would be what I had mentioned, also maybe chemo burn, but that would be the least of it for her.

Deborah, I am praying that your mom will be comfortable, please keep us updated.


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My thoughts are with you and your family. I think that the radiation can help stabilize and hopefully reduce the tumor. Anything is worth a try. Please don't give up hope, faith and believing. Up till the last moment, I kept all of these.

Hugs and prayers


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Hi Deborah, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. My mom and I were never really close, and now after she is gone I realize what a great mom she was to me. It takes a long long time to recover when they leave us.

Your mom's radiation to the lung could cause some sorethroat. I used to have a milkshake after every treatment and my throat was fine.

She could also have some sun burn. I used radiacare gel and it worked very well.

She could start to feel more tired, the longer she goes to treatment. Iced green tea helped.

It could also reduce her lung function as it burns the good lung as well as the bad stuff.

It could hurt her heart if they are shooting close to the heart.

I'm not sure why they do radiation at this point, supposedly it is used to increase her function? or reduce her pain? This is a great question for the family doctor, as they have more objective point of view than onc.


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