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How Did You Get Your Name


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I have been wanting to start this thread for some time now. We had a lot of fun with this about 3 years ago when there were only about 500 members. There are now over 3000.

How did you get your Username and what does it stand for? I'll go first.

When I got my first computer and got on AOL, every name I could think of -except my name or initials- was already taken. While sitting there trying to get AOL set up my wife was playing with the dog. She told him that I just didn't care about him anymore,and that I had replaced him with my computer. My reply was "I love my dog too". That is when it dawned on me. I had my Username. I put the 2 to it to make it stand out. I have continued to use it now for 7 years.

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My mom has always called me her baby girl, always. To this very day...

On one of our infamous girls roadtrips to Tennessee, we were having some fun with a trucker, we had CB radios, etc. and he was calling mom "mama".

So, this name was perfect. It represents us, all of the fun we have had, and our awesome relationship.

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Mine is a nickname (only one I have ever had) that my husband gave me while we were dating. I looked it up thinking it must mean something in Russian. It doesn't seem to mean anything but me. I have been Nushka for 17 years now. The strange thing about it is that when I go online I try to use if everywhere and I am surprised at how many other Nushkas there are out there.


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I am Eppie because my nephew (as the first grandchild in our family has the oportunity to rename everyone) could not say "Stephanie".

I love my nickname and love that I am known as Eppie by those I love so very much.

I love that ya'll know me as Eppie!

It is also very easy to type...since I am a horrible typist.

Much love,


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