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Lance and the ESPYs


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I just watched Lance Armstrong and his inspiring speech on the ESPYs. I think what he is doing now is so amazing...much more impressive than anything he accomplished on his bike (and that was impressive enough!)

I think it is cool that he took a fun awards evening, and took the opportunity to call out for research dollars.

I hope his gets the funding he is after. I know that not everyone is a Lance fan, but I admire his drive for cancer research funding.

:) Kelly

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I know that some people find Lance Armstrong arrogant, etc but you know what?? The guy could have gone on with his life and not looked back after winning his battle with cancer. I read one of his books and I think he had a 1% chance if I remember right- I know it was less than 5%, of living, he went through hell and back to earn the right to be arrogant, if he actually is.

Anyone who has achieved what he has achieved, and not only not forgotten what he went through to get there, but works at and uses his fame as a platform to achieve results for a selfless cause, needs to be applauded. At least that's the way I look at it (not that you asked :D:wink: )

I'm sorry I missed the show...

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Debi, I so agree with you. Reading his book has certainly helped me keep a positive attitude. Even spurred me on to do two half-marathons. If he appears to be somewhat arrogant, so what.

I too think it is great that he is using his name to further cancer research. I didn't see the show either, there was racing on ESPN 2. :)

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