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Getting to Know You - July 17


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If you were suddenly approached to be the national ambassador for lung cancer research and funding issues, what would be the first point you would make to the people to make them understand the importance of funding for lung cancer?

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:shock: Funding for Lung Cancer Research and awareness all need to be brought to the forefront. Without money nothing happens. The drug companies pay for sales dinners at Ruths chris Steakhouse and charge a fortune to sell a drug. These same companies woiill help you pay for a drug they make but will not reduce the cost to make it somewhat affordable. In 3 years my insurance company spent 150,000. just on drugs for my wife. I believe the lowest costing one tha ti could find was 4500.00 per shot Aranesp folks. Awareness into other areas of research have to be made public and helped financially. Stem Cell research will not be a fedearally funded option as per George W. Bush. He as already said He will veto this and I tcomes before Him this week. Oh Well ther egoes a couple hundred thousand lives. This year 350,000 Citizens of this country will be diagnosed and closer to 1/2 will survive 4 yerars I believe. the diagnosis is supoosed to DOUBLE NEXT YEAR. Oh; and Vaccines need more funding there are thingds in the works that suffer because of lack of funding. Early Detection Ther is a program that can use a Blood test to Detect Lung Cancer by Proteins. Like KatieB said," When Can I take This Test?" maybe never without funding for research and development of this research. Awareness, Why does the FDA not have the ability to regulate the Tobacco Companies? It is in the works in Congress. I have written to my reps on that one. The Tobacco settlement Money that Funds Highways for Transportation, and classes for Middle high Schoolers on the Dangers of smoking with a Lecture and A movie presentation RE: the fifties. ALl right alm,ost time for 6 pm news I have to get off my box for now and cook myself some Humble Pie :roll: Sorry so long Hit sa nerve here.

Click On th eLink For Research Bill Link;

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c ... 109hHFMRR::

FDA REgulation Of Tobacco Products;

Click Here


I feel better now; Thanks For starting this. 8)

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