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Getting to Know You - July 18


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I normally plan for the big stuff. But I once bought a house on the spur of the moment.

My first husband and I were considering moving and had discussed it. I was visiting my father in my hometown (which was about 40 minutes from my current home but in the same school district) and walked by a house that the owner was just putting a FSBO sign in the yard. I asked him if I could see the inside and he showed it to me and I said I'll take it!

I gave him $1,000.00 to hold it for me. Then I went and called my husband and said.. you'll never guess what I bought!" We ended up selling our current house fairly quickly and moved in. Neither he nor my kids ever saw the inside till the day we moved.

God, I loved that house, I still miss it.

Wonder if that's why we ended up getting divorced??

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I try and do a consumer reports check on most major appliances before buying. I also listen to recommendations from friends. I do a lot of shopping around before I buy anything. Sometimes, this isn't good as I waste so much time (and gas) and eventually buy the very first thing I was looking at.

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My friends do not believe this, but I have a tough time making decisions (sometimes), so, I sometimes over think a big purchase - not necessarily research, just overthink. But then again, I have been known to buy something spur of the moment. Sometimes I think you just know something is right for you.

20+ years ago, Earl and I looked at a sample house just because we drove by it. We walked around, got back in the car, looked at each other and went back to the realtor and bought it. We were not in anyway looking to move, kids were leaving home etc. and this house was bigger. But, boy did we love it.

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