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Bone pain


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Hi All,

My father has been experiencing some fatigue in his legs and today when I called home my mother said that he had bone pain all night so he couldn't sleep.

I know he had bone pain in his legs when he was on chemo. Could this be one of those side effects that lingers?

My father had thought it was a side effect of Decadron. Anyone else had this experience while on Decadron?

I'm probably going to call the doctor tomorrow just to run it by her.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Shirley,

Yes, definitely call your doctor. I have experienced a lot of leg pain which was actually coming from a bone met on my sacrum that was pressing on a nerve. Anyway, I'm just about finishing radiation for it and its made a huge difference.

Always check out pain.

Take care,


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Yes, call the doctor. I experienced bone pain when I had a met on my lumbat spine with nerve pressure causing pain down my leg. Radiation alleviated it.

I also experienced very bad bone pain when I withdrew from Decadron. This was after being on the Decadron for almost 2 months - but it was the worst pain I had. Now I take Decadron just for 3 days with my chemo and that presents no problem.


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I agree, contact the doctor. I don't know all the side effects of decadron, but I've never heard of it causing bone pain. It is a steroid that also works as an anti-inflammatory. It really shouldn't cause bone pain. Even if it is, the doc should know so he can fix it.

I will be praying for you guys.

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