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Good Day - and if you need a mechanic in Tampa FL


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Not sure if this belongs here, but....Yesterday on my way for treatment my car broke down. Rush hour, busy street, of course.

Tow truck comes, takes me to his shop. Then drives me to the hospital. Afterwards, he sends his wife to pick me up at the hospital (so I wouldn't have to ride in the towtruck again), and she takes me back to the auto shop. They offer to drive me home if I can wait (we're talking 20 miles). But then one of the guys working there suggested I take his car so I wouldn't have to wait and I would have no problem with picking up the car today.

Today they had it ready in time for my hospital appt and charged $148.00 labor plus parts.

Are people great?!?

Needless to say, these guys are my new mechanics. Anyone in the Tampa FL area who need a good mechanic - let me know.


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Thats kinds how I met my great mechanic.

My brake light came on and I pulled into a gas station. They suggested this ABC battery place that does mechanical work in the back of the store. I went there and they could have told me I needed new brakes and whatever else.

He told me it was just brake fluid. It cost me like $21.00.

I have been going to them for 15 years and they are terrific. They have lent me a car also through the years...

Yes, there is some that really care about people..

Great story,

Maryanne :wink:

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