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Radiation phnumonitis (sp?)...

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Hi it's been a while since I posted. I have been viewing. Is anyone familiar with this: My mom had a 10 day hospitalization 4 days ago. The complication seems to be radiation phnumonitis. She is on 5 liters of oxygen and being treated with high doses of stelroid. She seems to be doing pretty good. I have her staying with me for now. It's easier for everyone if she is here. I have 3 small children so I don't have to travel back and forth, its just easier. We have a trip planned for Saturday to go camping in ME for a week. I have not had her out with the portable O2 so it's a little nerve wrecking. I will be taking 50 lbs of liquid oxygen and multi portables, air tight portables, oxygen concentrater, etc. She is very determined to make this trip. So I'm going to try everything in my power to get her there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless you all.


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I may not be able to medically help but a word of advice Know where ther is a Ranger station or placce to plug in and call in an Emergency. Others will have response to Pneauminutis (sp) issues. Prayers and hope ya'll have fun camping out!!

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Tony had a touch of that after radiation too. He became short of breath from that and complications from chemo. This went on for quite a while. He's been on antibiotics, steroids, & water pills for the problem. He also had a lot of pleural effusion that needed to be tapped. It's been a long haul recovering from the radiation, but he's finally pulling out of the nosedive that started in March. I think it's just a time factor until the body re-adjusts to getting nuked in the lungs. Hope your Mom does well soon.


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Hi Julie,

My dad also had radiation pneumonitis a year ago. He too, was on oxygen. It took quite a while for him to get better. Over the year his oxygen level kept improving. He only wore his oxygen when he was at home in the afternoon and when he went to sleep. When he went to work he didn't wear it. This routine started after a month back from the hospital. It is a scary thing at first but hang in there.



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Sounds like you've got the O2 supply under control. How did you manage to procure liquid O2? How far do you have to travel to the camp site?

Radiation Pneumonitis can occur 1 - 6 mos. after radiation. I'm sure she was on some kind of Corticosteroids during treatment and if she comes off the steroids too quickly after radiation it can cause complications with Rad. Pneumonitis. Was she on high doses of Corticosteroids during radiation?They gave my wife IV Dexamethasone in hospital and 4mg 3 times a day at home. The symtoms could include low-grade fever, cough, fullness in the chest, SOB, and rapid pulse. Hope she can relax during the trip and hope the weather is cooler than it is in Texas right now 105 + heat index.

Chuck C

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I am sure your Mom is on inhalers as well. Make sure that those are packed. If she is using a rescue inhaler, make sure that that she is using a "spacer" with her meter-dose inhaler as this will deliver the medicine on target to the lungs (without one, she is just spraying the back of her throat) I use an Opti-Chamber and there are other good ones too.

I would ask her about sleeping. When I had pneumonitis, I couldn't sleep lying down flat. My head hand chest had to be elevated (phone books under the head beadposts) and I could only sleep on my left side. Ask her if she has any sleeping needs. If she does, think of ways to make sure she is comfortable and gets her most deserved rest.

Find out ahead of time the nearest emergency room. At this point of the game, there are unexpected little things that may crop up and turn into bigger things at a moments notice.

I applaud all of you for continuing on with your lives and plans!

Don't forget the key to the O2 tank changer!

Oh, avoid aerosol sprays for bugs and mosquitos! Bring sun protection for her. high SPF, hat, glasses, etc.

Cindi o'h

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