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Eh...not so bad


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Mom went in for labs today. She has only done one session of chemo (Gemzar) and he did it at half the recommended dose for her size. The hope was to start off gradually, avoid some of the side effects, and keep upping the dosage.

We had hoped to go in today (a week after the session) to hear all was well and hit it again, this time with more 'juice'. Unfortunately, even that low dose knocked her #s too low, and Mom couldn't do chemo today. In the past could you imagine a world where you were disappointed that you couldn't do chemo?

Mom was given a shot to boost the red blood cells. We hope she can continue next week with chemo. I'm worried that she isn't going to be given enough to do any good, at this rate. She tells us over and over that she, "won't sacrifice quality (of life) for quantity."

Oh well. I hope the shot works, and she can get back on track next week. Not the day we had hoped for, but it could have been a whole lot worse!

:) , Kelly

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I'm praying the shot will get her blood count right where it needs to be and she'll be returning to the chemo next week.

Keep up the great attitude and please keep us posted!

Warm Hugs,


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