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seeing my dad


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I'm going to go see my dad this weekend, I may not spend the entire weekend but I need to be there and I know he wants me there also. I'm not trying to take any personal time from my dad and his wife but he lives 400 miles from me, she is with him everyday and so is her daughter. I guess I'll just be the unwanted guest, because he isn't going to be here much longer and your right I will regret it for the rest of my life. Thankyou all.

Love & Prayers--Karen

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Good for you honey...Your Dad will be so happy to see you and that is where you belong...the heck with the "stepmother' at this time...and I could talk plainer than that..grrrrrrr...

Prayers for you AND your Dad..


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Go Get him tiger! No regrets except not going to see him in this troubling time. If you need us for anything we are always here for you. Many Prayers. Cherish yesterday, Enjoy today and PRay for tomorrow.

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Make some memories when you are together. I know you will feel so much better that you are spending time with you dad. That is your dad... you guys need each other.

Good luck.

Maryanne :wink:

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