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One Year Ago Today....


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Dear Val,

:cry::cry::cry: I have a feeling it isn't "all". Today hurts, doesn't it? I have one coming up, too, that I am painfully dreading. A new widow friend of mine told me the, "The day after you will feel better." I pray that the day after you, too, will feel better.

Love and hugs,


P.S. I posted this once, or so I thought. It either went on the wrong thread :roll: or I didn't hit submit. :roll::roll:

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Oh sweetie I am so sorry. I know the feeling, all those memeories come back and you miss her so. But she is watching over you, especially Caroline.

Hope you guys are doing good. Anything going on with your ambition to be a caregiver?

By the way Caroline is beautiful, I love that pic of her.

take care, my heart breaks for you today.

Maryanne :cry:

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I am so sorry I missed yesterday, but I promise, I PROMISE I was thinking of you. You actually are never far from my thoughts. I was just talking about you to someone today.

12 months is not so long. Just make sure you always can remember what it felt like to kiss her cheek, what freckles she had, what her hair smelled and felt like when you hugged her. My mom had a little travel soap box she kept in the bathroom drawer, and she used it every day. That soap is still sitting in there, and I open it up and smell it once in a while because I can just picture me helping her get washed up and ready for her day.

I was going to say something to you in my last email about your profile, but I didn't really think I should be bringing it up for some reason.

These babies are truly miracles...for us, in more ways than one. And I, for one, feel really lucky to have found you through this site.

Thoughts and prayers for you, as always.

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