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Getting to Know You - July 20


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Good gravy, what a question!

I'd love to go back and relive certain days, but as much as I've enjoyed the majority of my life I don't want to go back permanently. Life's good now, and I hope it keeps getting better!

In my mind I'm still 25...always shocked to find out I'm older than that. I spent a lot of time with a wonderful 22-year old lately, and was shocked to 'discover' that I must seem *old* to her! :shock: So maybe my 'mental age' is 25...but I don't want to go back there.

Gee, nothing like a clear, concise answer, huh?

:) Kelly

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I find this a most difficult question, Ann. First thought is that I would want to be in my mid thirties because both my parents were still here. But that seems WAY too young to me now :roll: ! Then I thought early 40's when Fred and I married, but since that time there has been WAY lots of good stuff I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on. Then I thought maybe just 2 years ago.........right before being dx with LC. Actually I like it fine right now.........just wish I knew there would be LOTS of years yet for Fred and me to enjoy together......you know kind of like when you are 30 and feel you have not lived even half of your life yet. Fred and I got a late start together. Sure would be nice to make up for lost time!



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My mid-thirties were very good years for me. I was past the point of being too young and still wasn't old. I think it took me a long time to grow up and become a woman. Those "growing up" years were difficult for everyone...especially me. I'm not uncomfortable with my current age but I would like to have "frozen" time so that Dennis could have been well and with me.

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I don't have any problems with my present age - just with that old woman I keep meeting at mall entrance......she always gets there the same time as me, waits for me to open the door and then disappears!!

However, if I could turn back time I guess it would be 35 or so, young enough to try anything but old enough to know better.

Yep, 35 it would be.


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Physically - 35.

Mentally - Now

Emotionally - 55. Earl was healthy, our kids were all healthy and doing well independent of us, our business was doing well so we could enjoy the good life.

And ladies, that old woman sure does get around, I just saw her in my bathroom. What the heck was she doing there?

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I would say 3 years old. Old enough to remember all the great memories with my parents, plus I was an only child then so I got all of my parents' attention. :lol: Young enough to live every day to the fullest completely carefree and also young enough for my father to baby me and carry me if I needed/wanted it.

It was definitely the best and I will never forget those days.


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