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My partner hass passed away

Guest ssgg

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My partner (Guy) passed away on 17/7. He was in hospital to get his pain under control and he got a chest infection while in there and everything just escalated from there. He was only diagnosed with NSCLC in early April so things have happened very rapidly for us. I want to thank everyone on this board that responded to my questions and fears, it has been a tremendous support to me and to Guy. I hope that all of you continue to fight on and have long, healthy and happy lives. Thank you. Siobhan

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I am devstated for you over the loss of Guy. This is an evil and sneaky disease which MUST be conquered as it is claiming way too many wonderful people. May our prayers help support you at this time of sorrow and uncertainty. We have strong shoulders upon which you can rely. I am just so very very sorry.


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Siobhan, My deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers for strength and stability in this time of stress. If you want to vennt or anything we are always here for whatever you may need.

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