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Happy Anniversary NASA


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Thirty nine years old today, and I remember it well, July 20, 1969 man landed on the moon and then 6 hours later, walked upon it. Apollo 11. Wow, it still amazes me what we owe to our brave astronauts and the scientists who made this possible, and future space missions.

I realize not everyone thinks NASA is a worthwhile expenditure for the US, but I think we owe a lot of our modern technology to NASA.

According to Ken Klaas, a self-proclaimed Space Shuttle junkie and an employee with the NASA contractor Aerojet since 1981, "the exploration of Space continues to be the catalyst of technological advancements for all of mankind." And those technological advancements have become a part of our daily lives.

Things we owe to NASA-


The modern PC

Miniaturization, like smaller electronics, phones, computers, etc


Solar Energy Panels

Enriched Baby Food

Scratch resistnant lenses


Flat panel TVs

and the list could go and on

And the medical discoveries-

Pacemakers, artificial hearts, light-weigh prosthetic devices, laser angioplasty, to name but a few- all these things are spin-offs from discoveries made on our space missions and have been made possible because of our investment in NASA.

And last but not least, TANG! Where would we be without TANG? lol

So Happy Anniversary NASA, for our first moon walk in 1969. And keep up the good work! We have some very intelligent people working for us, inventing new and improving old things, all the time.

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