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Hugh had his first treatment with the new chemo on Thursday. No nausea, not even any change in his appetite. It could be wishful thinking but I am pretty sure his coughing has already decreased. By Wednesday his coughing had become quite frequent and I could hear him wheeze. He hardly coughed at all yesterday. This stuff has moved fast since all this started in November of last year. When I questioned our Onc why there was over 10 days between the biopsy and our first visit with him he said that it wasn't very long and was the typical time for patients. In that 10 days Hugh went from frequent coughing and shortness of breath to barely being able to walk from the bed to the bathroom. In fact, on our first visit to the doctor's office he was so sick he had to be helped into the office and had to lay down. So when the doctor told us Wednesday about this newest development and told Hugh he could start chemo "next week" Hugh replied how about tomorrow? I was very glad, I could see an increase in his coughing even Thursday morning. I am convinced by Monday without treatement we would probably have been in a mess again.

I don't know WHY this stuff seems to move so very quickly, in the same breath though as soon as we start treating it, it rapidly improves. I am praying this chemo works as well as the last.

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