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My first birthday without my dad......


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Hi everybody! I haven't been on the board for quite awhile but have been thinking about everybody and doing my best to honor my dad's memory. I have accepted his death, even though it still hurts so much that he is gone. My 40th birthday is tomorrow and it is just tearing me up because my dad always called me first thing in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. Such a small, simple thing that I always took for granted and now I will never get those calls again. I think of him so much these days, always wondering what he would advise me to do about a problem I'm having with my teenager or a problem I am having with my car. He was such a good man and he was so knowledgeable about so many things. Anyways, I guess I am just trying to say that I am really missing him right now and I knew you would understand......

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Wish I knew what to say to bring you comfort... the small simple things that I too took for granted are the very same memories that I am struggling with today myself. Just told my husband on the phone when he asked me what he could do -- what I really need for him to do is just give me a big hug and "permission" to just feel sad ...nothing more.

So (((((Bronwen))))))! I hope you are kind and patient with yourself today - give yourself permission to miss him and feel sad if you need to.

Happy Birthday!


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O yes...we do know and understand exactly how you feel. Dennis used to always do something special for my birthday. My first birthday after his death was terrible. Although it will be very hard for you, please try and have a very Happy Birthday. Maybe you can use that day to reflect on all the very special birthdays you and your Dad enjoyed together. I'm sure your Dad is watching over you and sending beautiful wishes your way!

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