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I am asking all of those interesting in taking on my role of SCLC forum moderator to step forward. I think this forum deserves someone who can dedicate SO MUCH more right now and that someone has not been me for the past three weeks.

After I go thru what I must go thru, I am re-dedicating my life to support, awareness, actvism and fund raising...so that those who are battling this disease will have more of a fighting chance than my dad did....turn my sadness and ANGER into a positive that would make Dad proud, and perhaps save some lives (maybe even my own one day)-----but the SCLC forum needs an advocate NOW and I am calling on YOU guys!!

PM me you guys...those who have 1st hand knowledge of SCLC and don't mind being supportive and on top of current treatments/websites/etc and want this responsibility...

I love you guys.

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