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Not lung cancer related The Courts In Virginia!!!!

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Judge: Virginia Teen Must Report To Hospital By Tuesday

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This is and Update On the Virginia teenager who wanted to try alterenative treatment for his cancer and was taken to court but not by is parents.

The teen wanted to use alternative treatment to fight his cancer.

Norfolk, VA -- A Virginia judge has ruled that a 16-year-old cancer patient fighting to use alternative treatment must report to a hospital by Tuesday and accept treatment that doctors feel is necessary.

The patient, Starchild Abraham Cherrix, has Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes.

The family's attorney says the judge also found the parents neglectful for allowing him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements in Mexico.

The lawyer says the parents are devastated by the new order and plan to appeal.

After chemotherapy last year made him nauseated and weak, the teen rejected doctors' recommendations to go through a second round when he learned early this year that his cancer was active again.

A social worker then asked a judge to require the teen to continue conventional treatment.

Associated Press

Mackenzie McKenzie , Web Producer

created: 7/21/2006 11:32:04 PM

Last updated: 7/21/2006 11:43:02 PM

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yesterday an appeal judge ruled that the boy does not have to start chemo until his appeal is ruled on, and that the parents do not have to share custody with social services.

franky, I think the kid ought to have the chemo, but I also think, more strongly, that he and his parents have the right to choose his treatment - not the courts, the doctors, or social services - so I was really glad to see him get a break. there was a poll on a local radio station, 95% responded the family should be able to do what they want, only 5% supported forcing him to get treatment.


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Thanks For that update On Starchild. This does speak volumes to me about who controls their Medical Treatment after tehy have researched it. That is why i posted This initially. :)

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As a parent, if I am responsable legally and morally for my child's well being until he/she is of legal age 18,then I as the childs parent would do what's best for my child. (this doesn't include UNFIT parents of course)

Most 14, 15, 16 & 17 year olds think they know what's best for them. As a parent, I beg to differ!

I can assure you if your teen gets into legal trouble, they sure know who the parent is then!!! Or if your child gets into trouble in school, who do they call??? Food for thought!

Just Me and my parenting opinion.

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Oh, I agree with you Connie, but the parents are in agreement with the boy - I'll explain.

They are bound to be "different" - for one thing, they named him "Starchild" Him, not her. Another thing, the area where they live - Chincoteague - it's an island off the eastern shore of Virginia - very isolated area, quaint little island - attracts alot of hippie flower child artsy types along with the old timers and fishermen who's families have lived there for generations. I'm guessing this family falls into the more eccentric of the population. And it's the Dad I think who wants to take the boy to Mexico for his herbal treatment. so they have every right to make that decision as a family.

Personally I think they're wrong but it's not up to me, the courts or social services to tell them that.

If you listen to talk radio or the news at all around this part of Virginia, you're hearing lots of details on this case. and I don't believe it's a case of the parents letting the boy just do what he wants. I think it is a family decision.

The thing that's a real kicker for me is, he has some form of lymphoma that's supposed to be easily cured by chemo. Well, he's had chemo once and it came back. Dave had small cell LC which was supposed to respond well to chemo - especially in the limited stage which he supposedly was initially diagnosed with. Look what happened to him. On the one hand, if his lymphoma is easily cured by chemo then I think it's stupid not to get the chemo. On the other hand, he's already had chemo once - just like Dave. and he says that he felt like it almost killed him the first time and he doesn't want to go through that again. as far as that goes, don't be a weenie! so who's to say what's the right thing?


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Dear Karen,

I guess it takes a LOT of people to make this world go round????? :?::?::roll::roll::roll::wink:

It's not much different then having a religion that doesn't allow medicines, etc, etc.

Some people will do and say anything to become news worthy! :roll:

Oh well, what do you know???

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