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Thanks From RandyW


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The rain stopped for about 15 minutes so I could put a 1/2 dozen roses on Debs Grave Today and My Hummingbird that she used to feed came by for breakfast this morning. Been a hard day but I think I will get throught this thanks everyone.

6 months ago this moment 9pm i said Goodnite I love you and I will see you in the morning to my soulmate and wife of 9 years. at 3am the 23rd the nurses called and told me she had passed quietly inb the middle of the nite. All her vitals were fine at 245 am and breathing was labored.

Tell them you love them every time yousee one and other because you never know when you may not get the next chance.

Much love and peace and strength to allmy very dear and special friends out in this big ole world that know me and have helped me for the ast 6 months.

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I'd say I'm sending you one of your famous warm fuzzy blankets from the dryer but after a few 100 degree days here that just sounds cruel. How bout a hug instead?

I know this day was hard for you. Hope tomorrow is easier.

Rained all day huh? I just remembered you said it rained on your wedding day and the day of Deb's funeral....I'm thinking Deb is sprinkling those raindrops on you to let you know she's thinking about you.


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