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Acid Reflux Remedy


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Hi to all.....Everybody pretty much described how I feel and deal with this beast except.....does anyone have a good remedy for heartburn? I am tired of taking meds for this and that and would like to take care of this annoyance "the old fashioned way", if there is one.

Thank you all for your postings. Every one of you has helped me in my recovery :D:D


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Rose, this may sound dumb, and I'm not a lung cancer patient with all the complications that brings. But I have had my fair share of acid reflux, and I read something simple a long time ago that turned out to really help: When in bed, lie on your LEFT side (not your right side) and something about the position of everything can make it go away or at least feel less awful. Seems like about half the time I have acid reflux pretty bad, if I lie on my left side it will go away. (The other half of the time, I have to go take something.)

I'm sure this doesn't work for everyone, but you might give it a try!


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Rose, my mom developed this problem as well and found relieve from Nexium after a few other meds did not do the trick. I know you were looking for a natural remedy but I don't have any advice on that. My husband and his side of the family have battled with acid reflux for years. Most of them take a daily med to control it.


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There are tricks that work to a degree, but nothing is as good as a proton pump inhibitor like Nexium, Aciphex, Prilosec, or one of many other brand names. Prilosec is fairly inexpensive over the counter - like $30 for 42 days. (Can you tell I use it myself?)


Lying on your left side helps because your stomach can hold more when you are lying this way. But don't lie down for at least an hour after eating. Also, alcohol and carbonated beverages will make reflux worse.

- Teresa

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