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We are so lucky to have each other.


The "small stuff" is what life is really all about Lori, makes me teary thinking about it.

I too was VERY blessed to have been involved in my Dad's life during at time when all the "small stuff" meant SO incredibly much!

Told the hospice staff everday when they asked how he was "cranky...but we LOVE that he is here to be cranky". I meant EVERY WORD and still do!!!

Praying that you have many, many more of these moments!

God Bless your family!


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Lori...it really is these "little things" that will be the things you remember in the years ahead. I'm so glad you and your Mom are making the most of these days and enjoying moments together.

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I am so sorry for what you have to go through. It is great that you can bring your mother home and have the strength to care for. Take each day one day at a time and enjoy every minute with your mother and the little things you can do for her and the memories you are creating.

My prayers, thoughts and hope are with you and your family. It sure does stink.

God Bless.


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Guest kathleen

Lori - your message is such a breath of fresh air for me!

I help my father care for my Mom. I have a sister who comes home a few times per year. When she is here she makes it well known what a burden it is for her!!! I have for the most part been staying with my folks for the past year since my Mom was diagnosed. I too enjoy those simple moments with Mom, from baths to watching old television comedies, to feeding her, changing her and yes the getting up several times per night with her! Our conversations are not what they once were but I would much rather share these simple moments than not have her here! I'm so happy that your Mom has you - you are such a gift to one another. God Bless and many more special moments to you both :)


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