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mets to adrenals

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Does anyone know what this means??

I mean, I KNOW what a met is and I know what the adrenal glands are, but what I am wondering is well, is there a reason I don't hear much about people surviving long with them??

At the moment that's all the cancer we know of in my mom. But see signature line for all the extra weirdness...

Thanks -


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I have no answers for you, but want to welcome you to the boards. I am so sorry that you need to be here, but please know you have come to a wonderful place. Someone here will know what is going on, or at least have some suggestions.

I pray for healing, strength, and peace for you, your mom, and your family.

God bless,


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My Dad had very large (2-3 inch) metastases on both adrenal glands. We were very upset when we heard this news but the doctor assured us that the mets on the adrenals are usually not symptomatic when associated with lung cancer. Thankful in Dad's case these metastases were not a cause of major symptoms. That said, here is a list of the common symptoms that "may" occcur:

High blood pressure

Low potassium level

Heart palpitations


Anxiety (panic attacks)


Excessive perspiration


Abdominal pain

Weight loss without dieting


Abdominal stretch marks

Excessive hair growth

Unusual acne

Change in libido (sex drive)

If you think about where the adrenals are located and how close they (and the liver) are to the lungs, I suppose it makes sense that these organs would be a common site for a lung cancer patient to have metastases.

I would guess that one of the reasons that you cannot find (or hear) much aobut survival rates with this type of metastases is (which I am sure that you already know) that the "overall" survival rate for lung cancer is more than a tad scary and any sign metastases is indication that the cancer has spread beyond the original tumor location.

Don't mean to scare you, but rather to hopefully add some reassurance, again Dad had very large metastases on his adrenals and they were by no means ever his "major" symptomatic issue. I also think there are a few people on this board with adrenal metastases, hopefully one of the will have something else to add!

God Bless your family. This is such a hard, hard journey. Treasure the time you have together!!


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Welcome Katie, glad you found us. I have mets to the adrenal (enlarge) glands and have had it since day one. We just keep an eye on it when I get my Ct Scan. So far it has not been a problem so it's the old if it works don't fix it in my case. I was a lot more worried about it in the beginning since they sit on top of the kidney's. But the way my doctor explained it highly unusual for it to travel from the adrenal gland to the kidney. We have at least one member who had one removed and is doing well without it I believe if memory serves me correct. All thinks considered least of my worries are my adrenal glands. Of course everyone is different and every situation is different. Hope this helps.


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