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The Tumor is Gone!


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It's been a while since I've written, but I've been reading often. Hearing everyones stories does wonders for me. It really helps so much.

I have some good news on our cancer fight. My dad, diagnosed with SCLC at the end of March, was told yesterday that the tumor is gone! He's up to normal weight, has normal color, and the oncologist says that he'd never know my dad's had cancer. The original tumor was baseball sized, and now--nada! And he hasn't had a cigarette since mid-March and has no desire for one!!

He starts round 6 of chemo today. So far so good. He was a little tired after round 5 but all in all is doing well. He's aware that the last few may cause exhaustion, but is mentally prepared. Of course, we all know the fight is not over. No doubt that there are still evil cancer cells lurking around in his body, but hopefully the last few bouts of chemo will take care of those nasty little suckers.

Anyway just wanted to share since I finally had real news. Yeah for dad!!

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Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I've been sharing them with the family. Dad's in chemo today--the hospital made an exception and mixed his chemo cocktail early so he could start at 7am and get out in time to stop by my moms retirement party. What a week!

I see steak and lobster in our future--maybe even this weekend if dad can take it. We are due for a celebration!

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