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Need Advice.


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Hi all:

I have been lurking, but haven't felt like posting too much. My life seems to be a roller coaster ride that is making me quite nausous right now. My love and prayers to all of you however.

My Mom has been put on palliative radiation which she has finished now. They won't do anything else for her, which totally sucks as they have not done everything I know that they can. So, I hired a private company out of Quebec to shop her case file through the US to get second opinions. They are in the midst of doing that as we speak. They are sending it to Boston right away to Dana Farber. My question is, are they any good there? Do you think that they will come up with a treatment plan for her? I guess I just need some encouragement right now as I feel I am crumbling.

Thanks for listening and responding.

Love and prayers,


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deb we have a number of members here from New England area and probably can tell you about Dana farber more than myself. I welcome you to the boards here. If you need anything drop a note. We can probably help with things of any subject.

Click to be redirected if you have not researched Dana Farber;


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Hi Deb,

I'm from the Boston area. I know that Dana Farber has an excellent reputation, but I have had only one experience with them. When my father was first diagnosed, I got him a second opinion at DF. The oncologist that we met with - Dr. Lathan was extremely nice. He took the time to explain everything to us, but considering he offered the same treatment plan as the doctor at New England Medical Center (NEMC), my father chose to stick with them instead.

My father has been displeased by NEMC, when his cancer showed progression, the doctor he had pretty much gave us no treatment options. We did however had gammaknife down on his brain mets.

We have since sought a second opinion from Commonwealth Hematology and Oncology and the doctor there was able to give us options. The doctor at Commonwealth is very accomodating.

My father is currently going through the preliminary procedure for cyberknife at Beth Israel Deaconnes.

Sorry, seemed like I had rambled some but I hope some of it helped. Please feel free to PM me with any additional questions or if you need any further support. I'll be happy to provide you with phone numbers and names of doctors that I have seen.



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Hi Deb,

I live in Connecticut and went to Dana Farber for a second opinion and was very pleased with them. My brother has lived 20 minutes outside of Boston for many years and believes that Dana Farber is a wonderful hospital with all the necessary skills and tools available to make the best state of the art options available to their patients. My Oncologist here in CT confers regularly with the specialist I saw there. His name is Michael Rabin. Dana Farber has a clinic that specializes only in cancers of the lung which is one reason why I wanted an opinion from them. Here in CT we don't have that. Well, best of luck to you and your Mom. You will be in my thoughts.

Hugs and prayers all around,


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