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Not great news, but could be worse


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Well, after sweating for almost a week, I got my results from my scan today. After 15 months of success with Tarceva it seems it is coming to an end. My primary tumour has increased by 4mm to 2cm and an adjacent nodule is now 5mm. No other progression.

I must say I was prepared for this news, call it instinct or whatever, but I sort of knew. There were 2 really difficult parts to today. First one being my partner is overseas and even though there were offers to come with me, I chose to go it alone. I did miss having someone to hold me and tell me it's all going to be ok. A phone call just makes it harder. Secondly, my onc was away today so I dealt with a dill I didn't know. I mean he tried to be helpful but hasn't even heard of HKI-272. Frustrating!!

So the plan of attack is to continue Tarceva for 4 more weeks, have another scan and take it from there. If it stabilises again all is good, if not, well **** knows! I meantioned HKI272 as a trial, but of course it isn't available here. He told me I could contact hospitals in the US and fly over there and get it. Weird, I find, that it matters where you live. If that is the case, then I will fly over there and give it a go. Other than that, well the chemo route will be taken.

So, that's the story so far. Not an easy day, made harder by doing it alone. I took off in my car, drove and drove and sat by the beach and cried. It helped and now I feel better with it all.

Thanks for listening,


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I'm sorry you were alone to hear this news. Please know that we love ya' and we are there holding your hand!!!! You are very strong and I know you will be on top of the situation.



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Shar...Hearing this alone must have been pure hell for you. It always helps to have a strong arm around you. I think you should take Cindi up on her offer! Hey...I'd jump at a reason to spend time with that gal! If laughter is truly the best medicine, everyone would be better in no time. Maybe the FDA should consider marketing a Cindi Pill...lol.

I'm saying prayers that the meds will do their thing in the following weeks.

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Well, (((Sharon))), just don't know what to say about this. This evil disease must be overtaken. I am sorry the tarceva appears to have done its job and you must be off onto anothere tx plan. Also sorry about the delivery of your news. I'm sure you'll be heraing from Tracy about her experience.

In the meantime, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers with such hope that the next plan will prove successful.


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Hi Sharon,

I'm sorry you had to get this news and more so alone. I know I've been there and done that. I say no need to come with me, then I'm sorry to be alone with bad news. Sometimes I think going alone somehow makes me feel more optimistic - ah the way we can rationalize.

Perhaps the additional time on the Tarceva will have some effect. I don't know what the results have been for others on the board.

Good luck.


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Sharon, so sorry about the growth. We have a rule that Lucie never goes to the doctor alone. If I can't go, we get a friend or a family member. Especially when you are going to receive results. It is just a good rule. I hope they find something that works for you soon. Don

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