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Should I do a second cookbook?


Should I do a "Second Tate of Hope" Cookbook?  

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  1. 1. Should I do a "Second Tate of Hope" Cookbook?

    • a) Yes
    • b) No

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The problem with an expansion is that it would only be good for those who have the original. A new version would be able to be given as gifts/sold to people who never had the first. The second version would have totally new recipes of course.

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Well Andrea, if you decide to do another book, I'll definitely contribute some recipies this time. I don't know what I was thinking last time (in a fog, as usual!) I thought that these books would be a great donation to the Lung Cancer library that my Cancer Center runs. Around Christmas I plan on donating some, so I hope they'll be available then?

Hope you're feeling ok and Mom is doing well, too!


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I WOULD LOVE TO CONTRIBUTE AND HELP OUT. The Resident pastry Chef From Ruths Chris RandyW. Can NOT submit company recipes but have my own faves.

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Thanks everyone for your comments!!

Brian had the same concerns about time, etc b/c last time I was stressing out a bit. However I believe this time things will go much smoother b/c hindsight is 20/20 as they say. This time I KNOW what I am doing. Last time, I had no clue :)

The first book did great, we laid out about $3,500 to publish it, quickly recouped it, and raised $3,000 profit for LCSC :) (I am rounding numbers)

And should I get pregnant my dad agreed to help with all the packing and trips to post office, etc.

I will definately be calling for volunteers once this gets underway.

I am off to the post office now to mail a shipment and will set up a new pobox.

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Oh Andrea...I definitely say "YES"

I loved the first cookbook and so did all of my family that got a copy. I am so sorry that I wasn't able to contribute more recipes for the first one. In anticipation for a second cookbook, I have been copying recipes from my mom and grandmothers recipe books and am ready to send them to you at the drop of a hat!!! I will also be more than willing to help type recipes and/or proof them.

I think this is such a wonderful gesture on your part! But...only do this if you really feel up to it!

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Andrea...just a thought. In the Just For Fun Forum, we have posted a lot of household hints and tips from time to time. Maybe those could be put in the back of the cookbook? I know I always love to read those little tidbits!

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I too vote yes.

I would also contribute, but not sure exactly what. I have a few unique things that Keith loved (they were his secret recipies that he created) but not sure anyone but him would like them :oops: He had pretty unique tastes.

On the other hand, I don't really have any original recipies. I could contribute my favorites, but they may have copyright infringement from other cookbooks. Unless we are talking about cocktails, then I have recipies. 9 years as a bartender in my youth I've come up with some tasty brews that drop you on your butt.

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