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There was a man who decided to get his wife's name tattooed on his penis. His wife's name was Wendy and he had the whole name tattooed but during regular hours of 'operation', all that showed up was the first letter and the last, or "WY".

For vacation that year, they decided to vacation in Jamaica. One day they visited a nude beach and the man stripped down to lie on his blanket. After a while, he noticed that a man a few feet down the beach, had the same "WY" tattoo showing on his penis. The first man was so excited, he yelled over to the next man asking if his wife's name was Wendy too. The 2nd man looked confused so the first man pointed down to his penis and said "See, its WY, my wife's name is Wendy". The second man smiled knowingly, pointed down and said, "Mine says, 'Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day'."

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