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Scan Phobia


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Hello Everyone,

Well, I had my first PET scan yesterday since starting (or should I "fits and startings") chemo. My appointment with the Onc is tomorrow (Friday) to review the results. I'm pretty nervous.....have read over and over here on the boards that this is common (being scared). But now that it's happening to me all the good advice I've heard seems to be stuck in the back of my mind and I can't get to it!!!!! Please give me some words of wisdom......help me stop the "what if's" from making me nuts.....

Personally, I don't think I've had enough treatments to really tell if it's working or not because they had to stop the Taxol and start the Gemzar.....what do I know????? Someone get me the rubber mallet...

Love, Hugs and Prayers to everyone,


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Okay, Lori, wish I could follow my own advice here. Here goes......what if the PET scan is a good one.....what if I get a good report from the doc.......what if things all seem to be moving in the right direction.........what if all can be status quo for now......what if......what if......??? See, the what if's can go in the other direction too and that's what I am hoping for. Good luck, can't wait to hear.


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I usually try and tell myself that worring about the

scan results will not change the results, so why waste the energy.

The more Alan is scanned the better I am at this.

Well not really :oops:. We are praying your results

come back with very good news.

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We probably all have the scan fears - but I usually assume the results will be good. Sadly, I haven't always been right - but....

The PET scan I like because it shows the whole body so I can see any areas where pain is or may be beginning.

I'll say a prayer that your's comes out good - might as well think that way until you know for sure!


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Hi Lori, Cindi has the right idea but Prayers and Xanex are my personal favorite during test time. :)

You might try focusing on what your life would be like, how happy you would feel, how much you would celebrate, if the results are actually good. Just try to maintain that feeling because it is so much better for you than worrying.

Best of luck on the scans Lori.


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I hate scan time. I especially hate scan time that involves an IV of contrast. I hate needles. I hate waiting for results. I hate knowing that at any time the news could be bad. I hate sitting in waiting rooms reading old magazines. I hate adding more stress to my already stressful life...

...and I get nerved up when I know they are coming. They're coming. I can't talk myself down from the edge of the roof, I doubt I can talk you down - but I won't push you. We can both stand here on the edge and shoo the pigeons away - damn birds, anyway...

To think, I used to envy people who could live on the edge! :wink:

HANG IN THERE, get a prescription for Xanax and a sleeping aid, sleep well at night and fill your day with things you enjoy doing. I'm planning a wedding and going to work - how about you?

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Hi Lori:

At least you have a quick turnaround time. I will have my first checkup scan for my latest cancer in the first week of September. The way I deal with the tension is to get a copy of the results as soon as it is dictated. If I waited for my oncology appointment, I would have to wait as long as a week. The RN in the office is rather stuffy about providing me a copy of the report before I see the oncologist, so I just get a copy from my pcp as soon as they get the fax. Once I get the report, I can react to the news by whatever means is appropriate. I could jump up and down or get some xanax.

I have a feeling I will be jumping up and down. I hope you do too.

Don M

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Oh the joys of scan time! I've always done it a little differently. I go in expecting the worse. I'm surprised when I don't hear it. Thanking the man upstairs that I've been surpised each time so far.

Best of luck to you on your scan results. I hope you receive the best news possible! Keep fighting!


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