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Getting to Know You - July 27


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Since most of us seem to be really suffering from the high temperatures right now, maybe we can all help each other out a bit.

What so you do to cool off when you're really hot? I'm sure that any tips or secrets you can share with us will really be appreciated!

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We go out on the water and catch a breeze on the lake. We have air conditioning in the house but you don't want to be indoors when the weather is nice.

My Grandmother had a great system for keeping her house cool without ac. She would open the door to the basement, open a window in the living room and face a box fan so it blew out. This would draw the cool basement air up in to the house and keep it cooler than opening windows and facing the fan so it blew in.

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I used to head to the nearest bar and drink lots of

cold beer until I was numb and did not care what the

tempature was :roll: now I just try and stay in the

one room of our home that has air conditioning, if

that doesn't work, stand in the kitchen with the freezer door open :wink:

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During the hurricanes of 2004, Frances and Jeanne, we were without power for what seemed like forever. During that time, with no A/C, fans or ice, I learned to become a bit creative. Cold showers (we did have water)always seemed to do the trick. I must say that I had a hard time with the cold showers. When the cold water would hit my chest, it would take my breath away. Sitting in a tub of cold water will also cool you off but that's no picnic either. I did find that putting on lots of bath powder, preferably something with cornstarch, after showering helped to keep you cool and dry. Of course, the looser you wear your clothes the cooler you are. When I was lucky enough to have ice, I tried to keep ice in my mouth and just let it melt.

So guys...if you take my advice, we'll all be taking cold showers tonight!!!

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