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Port Question

Nancy B

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Hi Nancy

It takes about 2 weeks to get over the soreness. The seatbelt issue is use small pillow but it will get better. Small pillow at night while sleeping if you lay on that side. When they access your port they do have a cream(numming agent) that can be used 10-15 mins before they stick you and always take a deep breath when going in and out of your port. That really helps. Dont let anyone access that port but your chemo nurse. If someone needs blood use your arm. There is a high risk of infection if the port is used for anything other than chemo. Hope this helps.

God Bless


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I don't remember being sore - but I was bruised like you couldn't believe it. I think my location - rt side about 4" from base of neck and a little deep was a good location.

I do use my port for all blood work that can be done and for MRI contrast etc. These are all done under sterile conditions and my veins are shot. The port makes it so much easier.


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Wow Nancy- You poor thing. John was not bruised at all. The site where the button (I'm sure this has a technical name) is was tender but that's all. Make sure you don't swim or get any bacteria near that site until it's completely healed over. Get a prescription for the cream that numbs the skin prior to chemo- it will help. Good luck with it.


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Keith's port still hurt for about 2 weeks. In addition, over the 3rd week if he over exerted himself or was very physical it hurt again.

When Keith and I went to the University of Iowa, they had a woman there who made small pillows for seatbelts. They are thin pads with straps on the back that wrap around the seat belt and velcro shut.

If you want to PM me your address I will send you the one I have here from Keith.

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My port was in for 3 years and after he first couple of weeks I didn't know it was there. I do remember having to sleep on my other side or back for a while until the tenderness eased.

I had my port used for everything too, my veins roll real easy and the port always performed well for blood tests and contrasts.

The prescription is Emla (sp?) Cream, I used it about an hour or so before my appointment and then I felt nothing (you put the cream on and then cover it with the adhesive pad provided), if I didn't use it there really wasn't any pain invovled, just a prick the same as any needle and my port was positioned right under the incision so the access needle had to go through the scar tissue (some smart dr I had!!).

I'm sure there's far more info from me than you need, hang in there I'm sure you won't be sorry you had a port put in.

Take care


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