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Going away, Joel is reaching the big 60!


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Hi All,

Katie,(sorry meant Ry) :oops: need a cabana and Ocean breeze pass.

Well, Joel is going to reach the BIG 60 !! His b-day is Tues, August 1st and we are heading for Atlantic city.

I booked a suite at the Tropacana with an Ocean view. He loves the shore as he was practically brought up there.

So we will be gone from Monday thru Thursday. We have friends we are going out with to dinner on Tues and some on Wed.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I am having some relatives over here for a barbacue, (don't know when I am going to pack) :shock: It was going to be just us and the kids and Joel's brother. Now we are up to 20 people :roll:

Just can't wait to get away from this hot weather. Its suppose to be in the high nineties here next week. I know it is cooler down the shore, especially with that ocean breeze.

Last year, Joel had just finished Chemo, so we have a lot to celebrate!

When he comes back, he has that dreaded 3 month CT scan to do.

Take care all, and will talk to you when we get back.

What at difference a year makes, we are BLESSED!!

Maryanne :wink:

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A Big Happy Birthday to Joel...mine is thurs....we be the LION'S..Joel...(Leo)...ha...

Hope you both have a wonderful time...you sure deserve it...Maryann...AC is our second home...we love it there...only 2 hrs away...we will be going on on the 28 and 29th to celebrate our anniversary...

Best of luck to you both and AC by the ocean may be alittle cooler but I think they are going to have the same weather as us next week...in the high 90


Love to all...PamS.

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Happy Birthday, Joel!!!!

Hope you and Maryanne really kick your heels up and have a wonderful time! Hope you can find some really creative ways to beat the heat!

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Hey Maryanne!!!!!

By the time I saw this post you and Joel must have already been on your way for a ROMANTIC getaway..........so thought I would greet you upon your return.

Joel.........a BIG happy b-day to you (even if I am a few days late :( ). This is a milestone for sure. Glad you both could get away to celebrate and be feeling good on top of it all!!! Hope your intimate gathering........yea right................(HOW many people????) on Sunday....LOL....was a great time for EVERYBODY. Wish I had been there too!!!

So.....welcome home and now you have the weekend to rest up.



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Hi all,

We are back, Did not go near the beach as you couldn'nt even walk on it and we heard there were a lot of flies that kinda stung you.

But we had a great time at the pool. Joel got a umbrella that he stayed under while I baked in the sun to get a decent tan. Gotta get those legs tanned!! Jumped in the pool to cool off then back to the sun. Then joined Joel under the umbrella when I felt I had enough sun.

It was the freaking hottest week we had here. But we had a ball with all our friends down at the shore area. Nights on the boardwalk with the ocean breeze was priceless. All in all we were so lucky not to be sitting home here an stuck inside with the air.

I know Joel really had a mememorable 60th.

Snowflake, we didn't have the swing thing but the imagination worked just as well!! :D

Back to reality... UGHhhh. Trying to catch up here and so many emails from work.

Joels thanks everyone for there good wishes.

BY the way, the suite and ocean front view (also the boardwalk) was great!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Kick my heals up and (SHOUT)

Throw my hands up and (SHOUT)

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Written and performed by The Isley Brothers (O'Kelly, Ronald, and Rudolph Isley) in 1959, but did not chart

Remade in 1962 by Joey Dee

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