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Wanted to introduce myself, this is for my Mom, Patricia

Guest LadySusan

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Guest LadySusan

Hello all you wonderful and kind caregivers and family members. I was so relieved to find this site just a few moments ago. Here is the latest on my Mom so far~

In October of 2003, My Mom developed bronchial pneumonia. She left the hospital too soon in my opinion, but anyway she ended up with fluid on her lungs, and in her lower extremites, they ran all sorts of tests, could find nothing wrong or where the fluid originated from and it was a nightmare. Her and my step dad moved back in with me so I could help them. Last year they finally took Mom in to do a talc procedure and that was basically to go into her right lung and secure it to the back of her chest wall and fill with some sort of talc like powder to ward off the fluid from returning, after she had several successful trips to the dr to have her lungs drained of this fluid the pulmonary dr said she needed this procedure. The surgery also entailed a biopsy of her lung. No cancer was found thank the good Lord above. However the fluid is now back in her left lung, she is constantly fatigued, weak etc. It is breaking our hearts, the drs had placed her on all these meds to keep the fluid off and it makes her feel so awful. the fluid is also returnng somewhat to her lower extremities again and still no diagnosis for the origins of this fluid. We are so very upset and frustrated all the time now. She just had some tests done recently and there are "floating nodules" in and around her lungs as well as in her adrenal glands and they want to do an open biopsy again and honestly, she is so weak and worn out, I am terrified she wont come home. The last time she was in better health and she was in there 11 days! I hoped maybe someone had heard of this before and know someone that might be able to shed some light on all of this. In my opinion the Drs dropped the ball with my Mom. She is my very best friend and is now 79 years old. God bless you all! Thank you for reading this and good luck to you and yours~

Update - August 5, 2006

Hello everyone who so thoughtfully responded to my post. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! I was so touched I cried. Thank you Thank you. It is so nice to know we arent alone going through all we must endure for our loved ones. You are all heroes in my opinion, each and everyone of you! God bless you!

I will keep you updated as the MRI of her adrenal glands is on the 15th of August and so we should know more soon after that. And please know I am here for you all as well so please message me anytime. I just so happen to be a Licensed Massage Therapist and I love making people feel good. Anyone need a massage? Smiles , well if so, you know who to contact! Well if you are living in Houston or near there at least~ Smiling, thank you all again! Hugss



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I know all too well about the fear and anxiety, I don't know anything specifically about what your mom is going through. I see that you are from Texas, is she at MD Anderson?, because from what I hear from people around here, is that is it a very good hospital. By any chance if she isn't, you may want to look there. We are here for you, whenever you feel the need.


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First of all I am sorry you have to be here But you are in a good place compared to many others. I am a researcher and love a challenge so here we go.

Click On the link to be redirected;

1)Chemical Pleurodesis for Malignant Pleural Effusion


2)COPD Possibly Click Below FOr Ideas


3) Pericarditis

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency ... 000182.htm

These are some of my thoughts about what to ask Dr about inthis case. He or She should have no problem explaining why or why not this may be the problem. Hope I may have shed some light.

Also If results are Non cancerous why another Biopsy? If I can Help PM Me Private mail or just post I check in 2 or 3 times a day.

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