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Tomorrow is theBig Day!


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Tomorrow is the big day. We are headed to Mayo (mom and dad are already there) to talk with the docs about dad's treatments, and whether they "worked" or not. He has a ton of different tests in the morning, and then it is show time. We are SO worried, but have been praying and praying...hope you all can say a quick one for us too!

Thanks and God bless!


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Good luck Jen to you and your dad and mom.

Let us know how it goes. Your not to far from my house. Well, maybe about 69 miles away. :roll::wink:

I do wish to share with you that unless your dad has some kind of rare cancer most all the cancer treatments and tests are all the same no matter where you go. Some places offer different trials then others, but the basics are basic. I just don't want to you think your going to get some magic kind of treatments. They were great at Mayo for my heart tumor (not lung cancer related)

I know that Mayo does the same things as the U of MN Comprehensive Cancer Center does and the same things a lot of the Cancer Centers in Minnesota do. I have had other patients tell me that is so.

Good luck and God Bless.

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