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Tim's results -


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Hello all,

Tim had his Dr. appointment Thursday for the results of the CAT scan - I was late to the appointment, planning on meeting him there (it's a 45 minute from our hometown), and I was 4 minutes away when he called me - the Dr. was on time for once, and he was already finished..... So what did the Dr. say, I asked, feeling paniced inside. Definate shrinkage was the answer - the first time that both the dr. and radiologist agreed upon it. The Doctor was extremely pleased with the results, and said this is exactly how he wants to see things going!!!!!! So, I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers - I truly believe you all helped to make the positive difference that we saw in the results, and I know for sure that you all help me in staying strong, positive, and continuing to look beyond the norm!!!!! If it wasn't for this group here, we wouldn't have pushed the Avastin addition to the chemo, nor the Tarceva. Thank you all for your experiences, your knowledge, your faith, and your positive souls - you do make a difference!


On another note, Tim's Dr. said that there is work being done on a pill version of Avastin........ worki

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