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Chemo Question


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Hi All,

My Dad finished his second round of chem last Tuesday his treatment is: Carboplatin (every other session) and Gemcitabine (every session)

The last session was just the Gemcitabine. Since then he has been ice cold, not like chills, he describes it as like having ice water running through his veins.

My question to you all is: Does this seem like a typical side effect or more like infection (febrile neutropenia)? He has a hard time getting warm. We got him a heating blanket and that seems to help out alot.

It's just hard to see him like this as the temperature in B.C right now is about 90 degrees or better.

As always, any help or advice is MUCH appreciated.

Hope you are all well.

Best wishes,


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I was cold almost all the time for almost 2 years. Made no sense, except in having such a low energy level, all my energy was tied up with MUST DO stuff. It finally went away for the most part, but every once in a while I find I'm still chilly. Wear fun socks and fuzzy slippers, comfortable sweat pants and a nice lap robe or blanket. No shame in being chilly.



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While my mom had different chemo. than your dad, she was always cold after round 2-3 of chemo. and never really ever was warm again (wasn't chills either, just always cold no matter what the temp. was outside or in the room) -- I'd have to put multiple heated blankets on her and wrap her in big fuzzy robes and slippers. She also had the peripheral neuropathy: feeling warm/prickly tingling in hands and feet from time to time, while still feeling cold in the rest of her body. Blood counts may have something to do with it -- mom fought a good bit with anemia issues (no blood infections).

Hope this helps,


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