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The words, "Clean Bill" were a part of our meeting


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Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

We are thrilled to hear him say this. There is still a tumor there, but the docs are presuming "inactive" cells...does this sound right to you all? This was with the radiation doc...tomorrow we meet with the onc team, and find out more information there.

He proposed the brain radiation that will potentially increase survival by 25 percent, while opening up the chances of 1 percent of memory issues. He gave dad a choice, and right now we are thinking that he is going to do it...it will be 15 low dose treatments, while fitted for the mask on Wednesday.

We know we are not out of the woods, but those words, "There is nothing in your noggin but a brain Keith," were huge, as were, "I would give your chest a clean bill of health."

Please continue those prayers, and know mine are still going up for you. If you have any info to share, we would LOVE to learn more.

God bless,


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What GREAT NEWS ABOUT YOUR DAD! CONGRATULATIONS AND TIME FOR CELEBRATION! Take your time about the PCI; not everyone has it and they can do fine also. Do a little research on the internet about it; also, others here, I'm sure, will chime in with their experiences with PCI. I didn't have it and am doing fine. Again, so glad for you and your Dad!

Joanie ((()))

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Fantastic news, Jen! Go Keith Go!

Sounds like he had the best possible appointment possible. How will you all celebrate the good news? May I suggest some ice cold brewskis at Cindi's Pub?

I am sure you are all flying high.

I didn't have PCI so no experience to share.

Cindi o'h

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Wow, Jen! That is FANTASTIC news! I am so so happy for all of you. I got your email; thanks so much for thinking of me. In all honesty I've been in a funk lately but your news is so good, how can it not be catching?

Prayers continue for your dad...congratulations!!

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My dad had "inactive cells" also, after completely responding to 6 cycles of chemo. There was a 1cm x 3cm "tumor conglomerate" in his chest that never grew. He also did the brain PCI, memory was not affected. I really hope your dad stays cancer free and that you get to relax a little now... God Bless!

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