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2 Months ago today


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It has been 2 months ago today that I lost my mother to this horrible beast!!! I miss her soooo much that words cannot describe. We had a family reunion over the weekend (my mom's side) and I thought about not going, but they all encouraged me to attend. It was a miserable time. I was doing better before I went. People can just say and do the wrong things, sometimes I wonder if they actually intend to do them. Mom and I were best friends and talked about everything, so when it went way bad, all I could think about was I want to talk to my Mom. Then I felt like a huge baby wanting my mommy!!! Now I am no longer talking to 2 of her sisters because they were just obnoxious and saying stupid things. I let everyone know that I am seperating myself from the family for awhile, I need my space and time to heal. My SF went along, and he was the best, way better than I would ever think that he could have been. My 2 girls that are 23 and 20, miss their granny sooo much, also had a very hard weekend. It was so hard to not say anything, but of course being the peacemaker, I didn't want to start anything. So now I am feeling the effects and wondering why they did and said some of the things that they did. I understand that a couple of the uncles and aunts did say some things to the other 2 sisters, so now they are ticked off at me. How stupid!! I can just hear my mom telling me to stay away that I don't need people like that in my life. So that is what I am going to do. Sorry for the negative post, I just needed some place to vent. Some people don't understand the closeness and the bond that mom and I shared. We went and did everything together. I miss her sooooo much. Today I just need to call her and talk to her. I took the day off of work, because the pain is so much. I just want this day over!!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!!


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You just go ahead and vent all ya want! (it helps)

This may sound crazy but it always helps me to write to my dad whenever I need/want to talk to him...over the yrs, since his passing there have been many letters.

Hang in there and do be good to yourself


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