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Need A Pass Starting Friday


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Asking early for the pass since I am very busy trying to get everything done before Friday.

I'm going under the knife on Friday. Please pray for me to recover quickly. I'm having a back disk repair done. Been in a lot of pain since early March and have tried everything--PT, steroid shots, time, etc. Can you believe it's day surgery or 23 hr. hospital stay now-a-days? I had surgery 13 years ago and was in the hospital for 5 days. Amazing or scary...not sure which? Blessings.

Continuing to pray for everyone touched by LC especially those struggling right now. Thanks for being such good friends/family to me over the last two years while I've been here. Take care, keep fighting and keep the faith no matter the circumstances.

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Tina, praying for a successful surgery and a fast and easy recovery.

Had dinner last night with a friend that has had spinal fusion 2 times. 40 years ago, she spent 6 weeks in the hospital and 3 months in a body cast. This year she spent 4 days in the hospital and is in a removable back support device.

Just hope LC gets all these improvements in medical science.

Again, Tina, much luck with this surgery.

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Tina, I'll be saying lots of prayers that your surgery goes smoothly and you are up and at 'em in no time flat! Like you, these brief hospital stays after surgery amaze me.

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