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Shark Cartilage?


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My mom took the powdered type and I mixed it in her oj every morning. She had nsclc with mets to the brain. When she died the lung cancer was in remission, it was the brain mets that she died from. I choose not use it. I hated the smell of it. I guess it is up to the person AND their sense of smell :lol::lol:

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Guest Michael

I looked into Shark Cartilage a few weeks ago and didn't find any positive articles. One was in www.imaginis.com (search shark cartilage). A study was conducted in Copenhagen on 17 advanced breast cancer patients. Findings: No Benefit. They also mentioned side effects from Shark Cartilage: digestive problems, nausea, fever, dizziness, fatigue and bad mouth taste. However, over $50 million USA sales each year. The cost is very wide, from $100 a week for the powder form to $32.97 for 300 capsules (750mg) at Vitamin Shoppe.

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Below are 2 snipets from an article dealing with shark cartilage(Neovastat) I have enclosed the link for the whole article. Also at the end of the snipets there are 3 more links for Neovastat(the fda orphan drug approval for treatment for kidney cancer and the trials and results for lung cancer). In my opinion the powered drug store shark cartilage is worthless as the articles say.


http://www.prostatepointers.org/prostat ... ktail.html

Two other drugs that may be useful, and are naturally occurring over-the-counter products are shark cartilage and curcumin. The specific form of shark cartilage is made by Aeterna Laboratories in Canada, and is a liquid frozen extract of shark cartilage. It is the only shark cartilage product that has been shown to be active in phase II studies of prostate cancer, kidney cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Currently, this product has advanced to phase III studies in Canada. Please see my paper on shark cartilage for details . The powdered shark cartilage available from health food stores is worthless, in my opinion.

On page 1685 of the November 21, 2001 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, there is a page of information, “Natural Compounds Show Antiangiogenic Activity.” The author mentions there are easily four dozen natural compounds that are antiangiogenic. The first two that he describes are shark cartilage and curcumin, “the yellow pigment in turmeric.” This author specifically mentions the Aeterna Laboratories shark cartilage product, Neovastat. This Aeterna product is the frozen liquid extract of shark cartilage that is currently in phase III studies. Unfortunately, it is not commercially available. The product that is commercially available from Aeterna Labs is CarTcel. The Aeterna distributor is Douglas Laboratories (800) 245-4440. Later on in the article, the author states that he believes antiangiogenic agents will be best utilized in some form of an “optimal antiangiogenic cocktail.” He believes it is reasonable and logical to combine antiangiogenic agents, and predicts ultimately that is what will happen. I don’t know when he predicts it will happen, but I can tell you it is happening right now in our practice.


http://www.aeterna.com/aeterna/ang/scie ... u=2&type=2 (when you go to this link there are additional links of interest at the bottom)

http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/9807/09/shark ... index.html

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I believe you are right about cocktails of drugs being used in the future. There was an article on scientist.com about cancer and how it uses multiple signalling pathways to proliferate. The more advanced the cancer the more pathways it uses. This is one reason, in theory, that cancer becomes resistant

By using a cocktail, it hopefully will block multiple pathways.

Thanks for the articles


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I know this is an old post, but I thought Id comment on it. I asked my father's onc about all these other things to do like green tea, coral calcium, juicing, etc. and he said green tea and juicing certainly cant hurt, coral calcium is a waste of money and the shark cartilage is completely WRONG. So just thought Id add my two cents!!

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